Flag of Arizona
Nickname Grand Canyon State
Capital Phoenix
Largest City Phoenix
Area 113,990 sq. mi (6th)
Population 6,700,000 (15th)
HDI 4.89 (27th)

Arizona is a state in the United States of America. It is well-known for its mostly deserted land area and the Grand Canyon. Being the 48th state, it is the last state of the contiguous 48 states. Arizona became a state from the Gasden Purchase after the Mexican-American war.

About one-fourth of the state is Native-American reservations. In history, Arizona was a home to many Native Americans, being one of the 4 corners. It was the home to the "Pueblo People", with several tribes, one of them notably being the Hopi Tribe.

Arizona's population is tightly packed in certain areas, and very rural in other areas, with very low population spread throughout the state, as seen on the map. The Phoenix metropolitan area makes up most of it's population, few living in uninhabited deserts within its borders.

Arizona population map