Flag of California
Nickname "The Golden State"
Capital Sacramento, CA
Largest City Los Angeles, CA
Area 163,696 sq miles (3rd)
Population 39,315,000 (1st)
HDI 5.40 (12th)

California is a state in the West Coast of the United States, being one of the largest and most populous states in the Union. California has one of the highest median household income ($61,029) in the nation, but the one of the highest employment rates (7.1%)

California borders Arizona to the Southeast, Nevada to the east, Oregon to the north, and Mexico to the south. California also contains the 3rd largest coastline, behind Florida and Alaska. Despite it's size, California is less than a quarter the size of the largest state, Alaska.

The state has the leading economy in the nation, and the 8th strongest economy in the entire world. High population has lead to gigantic economic growth, but high taxation and high unemployment rate is a challenge California must face.

The state was originally part of Native American tribes. Then it became part of New Spain, which later became part of Mexico, until the Mexican-American war, where California became a state for 3 weeks until it joined the union as an unorganized territory.

The Gold Rush in 1848 attracted several immigrants an started statehood. California became a state in September 9th, 1850, when all the possible gold fields in the area where mapped, and the territory became the state of California. It was named after Queen Califia, a person in a Spanish story.

California faces some natural disaters which may seriously affect its economy and the daily lives of people living there. California is facing a severe drought, leading the government into calling a state of emergency. As well as that, major faults such as the San Andreas fault can create earthquakes, which may cause widespread disaster and several deaths. Earthquakes are very common in California, and citizens there should be prepared for them.


California Counties