The French and Indian War was a sub-war of the Seven years war. In North America, the war was between France, with New France and several Native American tribes, against the UK, with the Thirteen Colonies. The war resulted in New France being given to the UK.

Consiquences of the warEdit

Native AmericansEdit

With a major ally, France, no longer helping them fight the Britsh, many Native American tribes to move out of their homes.

Untied KingdomEdit

With many tribes still in the new territory the UK got, the Proclamation line of 1763 was made to keep colonials out of Indian territory. The UK also was deep in debt from such a long war. This led to many taxes on the colonies and the Revolutionary War.


Because many people in France thought that New France was useless, the French didn't care about their lose of land in North America. However, they did have a lot on money in debt which might have led to the 1st French Revolution