Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Nickname Unknown
Capital Boston, MA
Largest City Unknown
Area Unknown
Population Unknown
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Massachusetts is the 6th state of the United States.

It formed in 1788.

It is a part of New England.

It was preceded by the Province of Massachusetts Bay.



Before Europeans came to Massachusetts, it was inhabited by Native American tribes from the  Algonquian language family.  The tribes would get most of its food from hunting, gathering, and fishing.  The tribes were led by a male or female elder called a sachems.

the Province of Massachusetts Bay (1691-1783)Edit

When Eurepeans fist came in contact with the Native Americans, the Natives received many diseases like smallpox , measles , influenza , and possible leptospirosis.  This supposidly killed 90% of the Native Americans in Massachusetts from 1616-1619.

The first perminent settlers from Europe in Massachusetts were the Pilgrims in 1620.  They settled in Plymouth  and fouded the Plymouth Colony.  Puritans soon followed and in 1630 founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony in present-day Boston.


Massachusetts Counties