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New Orleans may refer to:


Boats and ships

  • New Orleans (steamboat)
  • USS New Orleans (1815), a ship-of-the-line
  • USS New Orleans (CL-22), a New Orleans-class (1896) protected cruiser commissioned in 1898
  • USS New Orleans (CA-32), a New Orleans-class (1931) heavy cruiser commissioned in 1934
  • USS New Orleans (LPH-11), an Iwo Jima-class amphibious assault ship commissioned in 1968
  • USS New Orleans (LPD-18), a San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock commissioned in 2007
  • CSS New Orleans, a floating gun battery on the Mississippi River in the service of the Confederate States of America


  • New Orleans Records, an audio record producing company


  • New Orleans (PJ Morton album)
  • New Orleans, an album by Bo Kaspers Orkester


  • "New Orleans" (Hoagy Carmichael song) (1932)
  • "New Orleans", a 1960 song by Gary U.S. Bonds
  • "New Orleans", a song by Rancid from Let the Dominoes Fall
  • "New Orleans", a 2007 song by Kid Rock from Rock n Roll Jesus
  • "New Orleans", a 2011 song by Emmylou Harris from Hard Bargain

Other uses

  • New Orleans (1929 film), a 1929 American drama film
  • New Orleans (1947 film), a 1947 musical
  • University of New Orleans, a state university in New Orleans
    • New Orleans Privateers, part of the university's athletic program